Company Profile:
NOVA is a global brand implementation company that plans, engineers, manufactures and installs anything related with brand identity, metal, wood or acrylic for roll-out projects, in any environment, anywhere in the world. NOVA headquarters and factory are located in Gebze, on the eastern border of Istanbul. NOVA offers a wide range of products to its customers such as; interior and exterior signage, corporate and brand furniture, turn-key petrol stations, urban furniture and interior environments for hotels, hospitals and entertainment venues. NOVA is privileged to work with an extensive portfolio of clients around the globe from various market sectors such as automotive, telecommunications, petroleum distribution, financial, cosmetics, watch, electronics, hospitality and service industries. NOVA is honored to be the first choice for top brands such as Opel, Renault, Hyundai, Citroen, Citibank, HSBC, Shell, BP, Lukoil, Vodafone, Bosch, Randstad, Philip Morris, Ikea and many more.

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Established Date: 1978  Export Specialist: Alper ERDİNÇ